Saturday, January 07, 2017

Winter 2017 Art Classes for Adults, Kids & Teens

Artwork by: Graeme Stammers

Registration for Visual Arts Brampton's line-up of winter programs is now open! Visit our website to see new and exciting art classes and workshops for adults, kids and teens. Register online today at or call 905-453-9142 for more information.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Comic art show at Artway

Just about an hour ago, Visual Arts Brampton collected artwork and reproductions from some of the talented artists at Stadium Comics' Free Comic Book Day. The Artist's Alley is bigger than ever this year, and we'll be promoting most of the talented creators at Artway Gallery early next week.

Check back to this post over the next few days, as we add links, the start and end dates for the show, a show title, et cetera. Many thanks to Stadium Comics for making this happen!

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Home assignments, 2014

  1. Bouquet
  2. Pet in container
  3. Backyard nature
  4. Place I'd love to visit
  5. Container for food
  6. Flapping flag
  7. Glasses (prescription or sun)
  8. Favourite dessert
  9. Hand holding something
  10. Favourite candy
  11. Tools with container
  12. Bookcase
  13. Souvenir
  14. Famous landmarks
  15. Favourite possession
  16. Toy character
  17. My dresser with at least one drawer open
  18. Still life of healthy snack
  19. Seasonal landscape
  20. Open photo album
  21. Open door
  22. Backpack
  23. Flowers in container
  24. Room in your house
  25. Kitchen appliance
  26. Utensils
  27. Jewellery
  28. Mirror
  29. Beauty supplies
  30. Art supplies: pencils, brushes, pens, paint, etc.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Hand drier in the washroom thanks to generous donation

Our main studio washroom now has a hand-drier.

A few months ago, an anonymous donation was made to VAB, specifically for adding a drier to the washroom.

Our greatest thanks to this generous donor.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Comic Book Creation workshop, Wednesdays

Comic Book Creation with Ryan C. Thompson
Wednesdays, August 7 to November 27

7 to 9 pm
17 weeks

Visual Arts Brampton is starting a Wednesday evening comic book workshop. Starting August 7, the goal of this program is to foster the skills necessary for those who are interested in creating their own characters and comic storylines. The workshop will cover storytelling, character design, storyboarding, layout, penciling, lettering, and colour rendering.

During the course, artwork will be uploaded to a facebook page created specially for the new workshop,

An exhibit of the works created by all students in the course is planned for Artway Gallery in Shoppers World Brampton, in January. If enough works are created, a complication book will be published.

For more information, or to register, contact Visual Arts Brampton at 905-453-9142 or

Saturday, April 13, 2013

2013 home assignments

Choose 12 from the following list:
  1. Appliances
  2. Beauty products
  3. Clothes on hangers
  4. Clothing: Accessories
  5. Clothing: Footwear
  6. Clothing: Hat being worn
  7. Clothing: Rain gear
  8. Collectables
  9. Container(s) holding balls, marbles, other spheres
  10. Container(s) holding food
  11. Electronic devices
  12. Exercise equipment
  13. Exterior of a house
  14. Fasteners
  15. Figurine, statue, action figure
  16. Flat items in perspective: Books
  17. Flat items in perspective: DVD covers
  18. Flat items in perspective: Scattered photos
  19. Furniture
  20. Interior of a room
  21. Interior of a vehicle (car interior, bus interior, cruise ship interior, plane interior)
  22. Items to celebrate with
  23. Items, crumpled or broken
  24. Lamp, flashlight, or candle
  25. Open door
  26. Pet in a container (fish in a fishbowl, cat in a carrier...)
  27. Playthings
  28. Scale models
  29. Something you carry things with
  30. Something you drink from
  31. Souvenirs
  32. Stuffed toys
  33. Table setting (place setting)
  34. Tools
  35. View from a window
  36. Wallet with money
  37. Writing/drawing tools

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

War graphic novel, aviation art at Four Corners

Canada at War: Creating a WWII Graphic Novel Online
November 11, 2012
1:00 pm to 3:30 pm
Brampton Library, Four Corners branch
65 Queen Street East
FREE, all ages

Join local author Paul Keery and illustrator Michael Wyatt in conversation about their graphic novel of World War Two and the story of its creative development through using online resources. PAMA will present scans of war-related documents from its archives, artifacts on loan from the Lorne Scots Museum, and artworks by Chris Seaman.

After the event is over, Visual Arts Brampton will be presenting Seaman's artwork for the month of November on the second level of Four Corners, in our display cases. His new works are a coloured pencil with watercolour added.

Chris was a member of Visual Arts Brampton for many years, when he lived in Brampton. Christopher exhibited at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa in the 1990s. In 2010, illustrations from his novel, Sargasso, were on display at Artway Gallery.  

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tad Majewski at Artway Gallery

We installed a twenty-year retrospective of work by Tad Majewski, featuring his fine art, illustration, and digital works.

Majewski is an illustrator based in Caledon, born and educated in Poland. His clients include advertising, design, editorial, corporate and book publishing markets in North America and around the world.

Artway Gallery is located in Shoppers World Brampton (Hurontario and Steeles), between Winners and Bluenotes.

We've just posted photos of select works on exhibit.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Floral show on display, artists working at event

The Visual Arts Brampton touring Floral Art Show 2012 is now on display at Brampton City Hall, as part of their Art in the Atrium program. Just the first stop of the summer, works will travel to Carabram's Canada pavilion, Artway Invitational Gallery, the Canadian National Exhibition, and Four Corners branch of the Brampton Library.

A complete set of thumbnails of this art will be posted on the VAB website in the coming days.

We've just confirmed that VAB will be returning to the porch of City Hall, before the Flower City Parade. Ryan C. Thompson, Jacqueline Veltri, and Debra Ali painting flowers en plein air June 16, the same day as the Brampton Farmer's Market, Brampton Horticultural Society flower show, Yogapalooza, and the Flower City Parade.

In March, VAB had a general member's show at the Atrium. In July, we'll be installing an exhibit of portraits by the Wednesday bunch.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2012 VAB board of directors announced

At this year's annual general meeting, we said a fond fairwell to longtime treasurer Pat Wepf, who's retiring from the position after more than a decade. Luis Barrios, elected to the board last month, is now treasurer with training from Pat. Ryan C. Thompson is newly elected to the board.

Keith Moreau, president, Jacqueline Veltri, vice president, and Bill Riopka, secretary. Stephanie Czolij, Paul Draper, Marian Simpson all return as members at large.

Alecia Charney did not stand for re-election.