Saturday, February 17, 2007

Home Assignment list, 2007

1. Shoes hanging by their laces, from a door knob
Any type of shoes, so long as they have laces, on any type of door knob or handle.

2. Multi-person or motorized transportation
YES: cars, trains, airplanes, stagecoaches, Vespas, boats, buses, subways, monorails, rickshaws, elephants.
NO: rollerskates, skateboards, hang gliders, soapbox car.

3. Reflection of yourself
Draw a mirror, or any other reflective object, with a reflection of yourself.

4. Cards
Either a deck of playing cards, or some sports cards. They should be drawn in an interesting arrangement, from an interesting view (not just an "overhead" shot).

5. Television playing program
Any program on the screen of any television set. Please don't draw the TV straight-on, or else it will just look like a picture with a border.

6. Electronic device
Any electronic device other than a TV. If you need to plug something in, or put batteries in it, chances are it's electronic.

7. Household room interior
The inside of any room, so long as it's in a house/apartment.

8. Deck/porch/greenhouse/solarium
Any outdoor or somewhat outdoor relaxation area.

9. A scale model
An object made to look like a much larger object, such as a boat, spaceship, car.

10. Musical instrument
Any instrument.

11. Just returned
Multiple objects that you'd have if you just returned from a particular event or place. Returned from school (backpack, textbooks), from a vacation (suitcase, maps), from a birthday party (lootbag), hockey practice (sports equipment), whatever.

12. Under your bed
Whatever the view is from under your bed. There should be something under the bed, so that it's an interesting view.

13. Food in preparation
Any meal or snack, in the process of being made.

14. Tree in two seasons
The same tree, in two different seasons. Winter branches, spring buds, summer foliage, falling leaves.

15. Indoor plant
16. DVD player with DVD disc(s) and case(s)
17. Board game

18. Holiday decorations
Any holiday or celebration, whatsoever.

19. Scene through a window
Make sure we know it's through a window, and not just a landscape, or a photo in a frame. Any window whatsoever, anywhere.

20. Stuffed animals
21. House
22. Bath toys
23. Inside your backpack.
24. Inside your closet
25. Clock
26. Folded clothes/towels

27. Tools
Building tools, kitchen tools, dentist's tools, etc.

28. Food in a container
29. Other toy
(not bath, stuffed, electronic)

30. Fear
Something that you fear. Spiders, bees, monsters, invisible people, whatever.