Friday, March 02, 2007

Brampton Library Bookmark Award Winners

Brampton 01 Mar 07 - Brampton Library held its 8th Annual Bookmark Contest Awards Ceremony, Tuesday, February 27, at the Four Corners branch.

Nicole Brown won in the preschool to kindergarten category; Anittha Mappansingam took the award in the grades 1 to 3 category; Melissa Vrieling was the winner in the grades 4 to 5 category; Joseph Inot won in the grades 6 to 8 category; Kelly Anderson won in the grades 9-10 category; and Ashley Multani was the winner in the Grades 11-12 category. At the Ceremony, the winners received a prize plus a Certificate of Merit.

Winning designs were selected by a panel of judges from the Brampton Arts community. These designs have been turned into bookmarks that will be made available to the public in limited quantities at all Brampton Library locations during March Break. They are also featured on the Library's website at

Group Picture (Left to Right): Melissa Vrieling (Gr. 4-5 winner), Julia Mair Gonuyou (student judge), Margaret Inocencio (Board Member), Ken Egbuna (Board Chair), Joseph Inot (Gr. 6-8 winner), Nicole Brown (JK-SK winner), Janice Awde (Board Vice-Chair), Roger Bunn (Board Member), Ashley Multani (Gr. 11-12 winner), Donna Gaffoor (staff member), Keith Moreau (judge), Kelly Anderson (Gr. 9-10 winner)

Missing: Anittha Mappansingam (Gr. 1-3 Winner)

This press release is included for two reasons, most obviously judge Keith Moreau is the President of Visual Arts Brampton. Less obvious is that Kelly Anderson was a VAB youth classes member, back around the turn of the century.

(Note that the bookmarks are judged without the names of the entrants, and thus the quality of Anderson's work was the only deciding factor. Moreau was unaware that she was an entrant.)