Thursday, February 10, 2011

VAB floral art show back at Carabram's Canada Pavilion

See what was scheduled last year
at Carabram's Canada pavilion.
We've just confirmed with one of the two organizers of Carabram's Canada pavilion that we're scheduled to return this summer, with our touring floral art show. The event happens the evening of July 8, all day July 9, and the morning/afternoon of July 10, 2011.

As always, many thanks to The Canadian Autoworkers Union, Local 1285 for hosting the annual event. Without their leadership a few years back, and continued support to this event, the Canada pavilion would surely still be a "wish it was still around".

View the 2009 Carabram event online.

The floral art show will also visit City Hall Brampton in June, Artway Invitational Gallery in mid-July to mid-August, and the Four Corners branch of the Brampton Library in September. More locations to be announced.