Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Canadian art @ Carabram

For the first time in over a decade Carabram had a Canadian Pavilion! Among the highlights of the space was an art display by local creative talents. Among those on display were Visual Arts Brampton members Conrad Mieschke, Keith Moreau, and Mary Noble. Leah-Anne Goyeau, who was a VAB member last year, also presented her art, as did Colin McClean, who was with the group during the years we had Animation Exploration (Animex).

Many thanks go out to Leah-Anne for her efforts in organizing the art room, which was enjoyed by hundreds and hundreds throughout the weekend. One couple even spent 15-20 minutes studying the pieces on display.

Millie the Art Bug also showed up to hang with everyone, courtesy of Visual Arts Brampton and the Brampton Arts Council. Here she's posing with two singers from Marion Abbott's Performing Arts School.