Saturday, July 14, 2007

Peter Emslie launches blog

VAB member Peter Emslie has launched a blog recently. Called The Cartoon Cave, the site features Peter's art, experiences, and opinions on various topics. Pictured below is Peter with Sarah Connell and Michael Therriault, two cast members of Toronto's production of The Producers, receiving caricatures Peter did from TV footage of them. Both, incidentally, are Sheridan grads; Peter teaches for Sheridan's animation program.

Two of the Producers cast with Peter.Peter also recently posted his caricature of Ed and David Mirvish, in remembrance of Honest Ed, who passed this week.
Ed & David MirvishWhile we're on the topic of cartoonists with blogs, check out the Toon Club, a site where various young illustrators (added by invitation-only) are challenged to come up with a cartoon based on the week's topic or theme. For starters, check out the Tortoise and the Hare, or Santa Claus.