Saturday, January 26, 2008

2008 Home Assignment list, for the youth classes

The 8-12 and 12-18 year old youth classes all have "home assignments" to do throughout the year.

The list is below, but if you're wanting to print it, we strongly advise downloading this PDF, as it saves paper. (This PDF will open in any version of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader, a free download from Adobe.)

The list

1. A collection
2. Appliance
Stove, fridge, dishwasher. A stand-alone freezer counts, but it's pretty boring, just a box and a
3. Art supplies in a glass
4. Container with objects in it
Jar of pickles, bin of action figures, etc.
5. Crumpled currency
Paper money, mildly crumpled, not so much we can't make out the fact there's a person or scene, plus writing on it.
6. Cutlery
This means the same as silverware; forks, spoons, knifes, sporks.
7. Dishes

Must be in a sink, at sinkside, or in dishwasher.
8. Electronic device
Television, MP3 player, nose hair trimmer; something that either needs to be plugged in, or
has batteries in it.
9. Eyeglasses and hairbrush, next to table lamp
10. Fastners
Buttons/zippers/hooks, on clothing, etc.
11. Your favourite treat
12. Food display
Either actual food in your house, or packages of food at a supermarket, in a “point-of-purchase” display unit.
13. Holiday items
Any cultural or religious holiday.
14. Indoor toys or game
15. Jewelry
16. Mode of travel
Man-made or animal, anything other than your feet.
17. Open drawer
Must be from above, so that we can see into it.
18. Pet in a container
An animal in a cage or carrying container, a fish in a fishbowl or tank, a dog on a dog bed, a cat in a litterbox.
19. Raingear
20. Stuffed animal on a chair
21. Table set for guests
Kitchen table, dining room table, picnic table, deck table, tea party.

You'll find it outdoors

22. Branch of a tree

Cut, or attached.
23. Containers in a recycling box
From above, of course.
24. Garden with gardening tools
Lawn aerators, hoes, hose, shovels, etc.
25. Park
You must show a path of some sort.
26. Playground equipment
Teeter-totters, slides, monkey bars, etc.
27. Scene from a window
Make sure that it's really obvious that we're looking through a window, and not just at a
yard or landscape, or a photo in a frame. It can be any window, though, not just at your home.
28. Sports or recreational equipment
Team sports, solo activities, etc. (Despite the category, it can be indoor sports equipment too,
like squash or ice hockey.)
29. Your house, from the outside


30. Rhyming objects
A bell and a wishing well, a ladder and a bowl of cake batter, a cat and a hat (no Dr. Seuss characters, please.)
31. Same object, twice, the second time changed in some way
The exact same object, some how changed the second time you draw it. (Rotating it doesn't