Monday, February 04, 2008

Millie meets Dora

This weekend, Visual Arts Brampton participated in the Recreation and Leisure Show. We gave kids Valentine's Day colouring cards, printed for us by the Shoppers World location of Staples. The display walls featured reproduced images of member works, and we had numerous inquiries.

The highlight of the day for most kids in the mall was meeting Dora the Explorer. Brampton Arts Council mascot and frequent Visual Arts Brampton event guest Millie Artbug met her at the end of the day, on her Centre Court stage. Thankfully, the lineup was only to Laura Secord at the time Millie got in line; for at least two of the three hours of the appearance, it stretched half the length of the mall, literally.

(Dora was to take photos with 300 kids minimum; considering many met her in batches, and she stayed on stage most of the day, it's more likely she met 600-800, at least.)