Saturday, March 07, 2009

2009 home assignment list

The 9-12 and 12-18 year old youth classes all have "home assignments" to do throughout the year.

The list is below, but if you're wanting to print it, we strongly advise downloading this PDF, as it saves paper. (This PDF will open in any version of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader, a free download from Adobe.)

Download the list.

The List

1. Art supplies in a glass
2. Beauty products
3. Cleaning products: floor, laundry, toothpaste...
4. Electronic device: Television, MP3 player, nose hair trimmer; something that either needs to be plugged in, or has batteries in it.
5. Game pieces
6. Hand, holding something
7. Holiday items: any cultural or religious holiday (Christmas, Ramadan, Dwali, St Patrick's Day, Valentine's, Canada Day, Halloween), or a birthday.
8. Lamp with shade
9. Makes a squeek: rocking chair, squeaky toy, something that needs oiling
10. Mode of travel: Man-made or animal, anything other than your feet.
11. My hobby: anything other than art, it can be a collection, an activity...
12. Objects and their reflection: any object, reflected on any object.
13. Pet in a container: An animal in a cage or carrying container, a fish in a fishbowl or tank, a dog on a dog bed, a cat in a litterbox.
14. Plant in a container
15. Set of key in a lock: the keys must be on a keyring or keychain; any type of lock is fine.
16. Stuffed toy with basket
17. Telephone
18. Tools and fasteners: such as wrench and bolts, driver and screws; must be related to each other somehow, ie no zipper and chainsaw
19. Toy with wheels
20. Waste basket

21. Backpack on step
22. Coat or jacket over the back of a chair
23. Headgear
24. Shoes hanging from a doorknob

25. Bowl of popcorn
26. Crumpled drink container: empty pop can, juice box, carton...
27. Kitchen utensils
28. Your favourite treat

29. Corner of my room
30. Open drawer: Must be from above, so that we can see into it.
31. Scene from a window: Make sure that it's really obvious that we're looking through a window, and not just at a yard or landscape, or a photo in a frame. It can be any window, though, not just at your home.
32. Table set for guests: Kitchen table, dining room table, picnic table, deck table, tea party.
33. Tap and sink

34. Same object, twice, the second time changed in some way: The exact same object, some how changed the second time you draw it. (Rotating it doesn't count.)