Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New books to the studio

Here's a selection of the new titles we've added to the VAB bookshelf, over the past month... (organized by their dewey decimal numbers)
  • The Natural History of Canada
  • The Natural History of China
  • Chia T'ing Yuan I Tsai P'ei (a book of flowers, albeit in Chinese.)
  • Audobon Magazine, July/August 2006
  • Canadian Wildflowers through the Seasons
  • Wildlife of Australia
  • Canadian Endangered Species
  • Into the Wilderness (the art of Stephen Lyman)
  • The Art of Painting Animals
  • The Dairies of a Naturalist
  • Animal Days
  • The Techniques of Bird Photography
  • Purr... (cats, as drawn and painted by children's book illustrators who own their own kitties)
  • Whale Nation
  • The Narwhal
  • Spirits in the Sky (war planes)
  • A Great Way to Go (Canadian made cars in the early part of the century)
As always, VAB members can check these books out of the studio for a few weeks at a time.