Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Portfolio Workroom

The Portfolio Workroom is a course for grade 12 students planning a career in the fine arts, animation, or illustration fields. Held at the Visual Arts Brampton Creative Studios, Sheridan third-year students Ilichna Morasky and Collin Chan will help students achieve a higher standard of work by enhancing their foundational skills for a portfolio.

The course includes watercolour, acrylic, life drawing/painting, object drawing, and basic anatomical studies. The objective is to help students develop skills in foundations for a basic portfolio, in time for an application towards either Sheridan College or OCAD.

The class starts Sunday, November 5, and runs for fourteen weeks, pausing for the holiday season.

Workroom costs $500, which includes studio usage and models, materials extra. Contact the instructors at for more information.

Ilichna and Colin will be speaking at both Mayfield S.S. and North Park S.S. on October 20, and at Notre Dame S.S. on October 26. On October 27, they will appear on daytime (Rogers ch. 10, 11 am to noon) promoting their classes.